SSM Managers and Auditors Certification

he individual certification process is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Manager and Auditor OSH Certification Guide – code GSH.01.

The guides present the knowledge areas that auditors and managers should have to properly and comprehensively evaluate and coordinate a management system. In the certification process, consideration is given to the knowledge that enables the auditor and manager to identify, recognize, understand, and correctly frame connections when evaluating a management system.

The prerequisites for participating in the certification exam are represented by studies, professional experience, and the level of training that auditors and managers should have.

The examination consists of a written and an oral and practical test. In evaluating candidates, the weight of the written test is 50%, while the weight of the oral and practical test is 50%. The candidate’s specialized knowledge and ability to perform tasks are evaluated.

The written exam consists of multiple-choice questions. The questions are based on the Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard (SR EN ISO 45001:2023), the standard for auditing management systems (SR EN ISO 19011).

The oral and practical examination consists of:

  • For SSM auditors, the oral and practical exam consists of a case study regarding audit simulation (presentation of documents and audit stages – complete audit, integrated audit; audit of a process, including identifying non-conformities and completing a non-conformity report with identification of the violated clause, identifying the cause, specifying the corrective/action corrective measures, and ways to close the non-conformity, etc.).

  • For SSM managers, the oral and practical exam consists of a case study regarding the presentation of measures to improve the OSH management system, presentation of an occupational health and safety aspect and methods of controlling it, drawing up objectives, management program; prevention and protection programs, system procedures, etc.

Certificates for managers and auditors are valid for 3 years from the date of issuance of the certificate.

Note: Certification guides are the intellectual property of MRC and are made available to applicants along with the informational document folder. The guides provide details on the certification process.

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