Certification of organic food products

MRC is accredited by RENAR (according to Certificate OR003/24.11.2016) and is approved by MARD (according to Approval Certificate No. 23/28.12.2012) as a certification body for food products which are ecological obtained.
– Certification of food products is made in compliance with the Regulation (EC) 834/2007 on organic production and labeling of organic products;
– The rules for implementing the Regulation (EC) 834/2007 are set out in the Regulation (EC) 889/2009;
– Organic food products are certified by the certification and inspection bodies which are public or private.

Inspection and certification bodies in Romania are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to carry out inspection and certification of organic food products in Romania, in accordance with the provisions of the MARD Order no. 181/2012 with subsequent amendments and are accredited by Accreditation Bodies, according to SR EN 45011:2001 and SR EN ISO 17065:2013 after its entry into force.

Registration of producers of organic products is made according to the Order no. 219/21.03.2007, completed with the provision of Order no. 187/24.08.2012.
Producers of organic food products must register their activity at MARD through the Departments for Agriculture of the county where they reside/ where they have the social office and to undergo to the control of an accredited inspection and certification body.

MRC is approved as inspection and certification body for organic agriculture for activities in the production, processing and distribution field, on the following product groups:
– Unprocessed vegetables products;
– Alive animals or unprocessed animal products.

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