Person certification

MRC-CERT, a certification body for individuals, is an entity within the Romanian Quality Movement association. MRC-CERT operates as a third-party organization, independent of both providers and clients, for certifying individuals in the following fields:

Quality Management Systems Manager (including for testing/calibration laboratories and medical analysis laboratories)
Quality Management Auditor (including for testing/calibration laboratories and medical analysis laboratories)
Environmental Management Systems Manager
Environmental Management Auditor
Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Manager
Occupational Health and Safety Management Auditor
MRC-CERT adheres to the requirements of SR EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012, providing confidence in the certifications it conducts by ensuring impartiality and independence. MRC-CERT operates based on non-discriminatory policies and procedures, refraining from any form of discrimination to expedite or delay certification requests.

MRC-CERT offers certification services to applicants and maintains sufficient internal and collaborating staff with the necessary education, training, technical knowledge, and experience to provide certification services. MRC-CERT personnel ensure confidentiality, objectivity, and impartiality in the certifications they conduct, acting in accordance with the Policy on Impartiality, Independence, and Integrity of the certification body.

MRC-CERT has documented procedures for handling complaints, appeals, and disputes received from providers or other parties involved in certification.

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